Planning a Trip to Grand Teton in November

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Wondering what it’s like to visit Grand Teton in November? Use this guide to plan your trip: services available, what to pack, where to stay, and things to do in November.

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What to Pack for Grand Teton National Park

In November many services at Grand Teton National Park are closed so you’ll enjoy smaller crowds, picturesque views of the foliage and the wildlife getting ready for winter.

Weather in November

You can bike, hike, run and rollerblade along the Teton Park Road in November until it becomes snow covered.

Teton Park Road in November

The bears will be foraging for food to get ready for winter hibernation so be extra cautious on the roads and trails. It’s exciting to see the moose at Grand Teton in the fall, especially the male moose with their large antlers.

Wildlife in November

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