Summer Activities at Grand Teton National Park

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You can certainly enjoy the outdoors year-round on your Grand Teton National Park vacation, but summer offers the most things to do.

The warmer weather offers up the opportunity to enjoy everything the park has to offer, and the summer activities at Grand Teton promises fun for everyone, young and old.

Become a Junior Ranger

The Junior Ranger program is a wonderful way to get children interested in national parks and the outdoors.

The Grand Teton Scenic Loop drive is 42-miles of stunning views. Here you can see an abundance of wildlife, exhibits, and majestic views of the Grand Teton Mountain Range.

Take a Scenic Drive

When visiting Grand Teton or Yellowstone, definitely sample the wide variety or products made with Huckleberries – ice cream, milk shakes, jams and jellies, even hand lotion!

Enjoy Berry Season

Grand Teton National Park has a vast abundance of wildlife; moose, bear, elk, beaver, and waterfowl are just a few of the more popular residents.

Observe Wildlife in their Natural Environment

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