Summer Vacation Destinations in the US

From sunny beaches to stunning mountain vistas, historic cities to theme parks and beyond, there are plenty of exciting US Summer Vacation options available.

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 As you schedule your daily itineraries, our best tip is to start your day early! In the morning you’ll beat the crowds, enjoy outdoor activities in the cooler part of the day, and take photos in the best light.

 The US is one of the best places to travel by car to explore the deserts, beaches, mountains, and plains in the country. There are many scenic routes in the US that are perfect for road trips.

Summer Road Trip Ideas in the US

 When you visit a US National Park in the summer, it’s important to plan ahead because the parks will be busy. Summer is when most people plan their vacations.

US National Parks in the Summer

 Whether you’re looking for a relaxing stroll through nature or an adrenaline-pumping adventure, there are plenty of incredible summer hikes available at US Nationional Parks.

Summer Hikes at US National Parks

Check out the top things to do on Martha’s Vineyard whether you're interested in a day trip or spending a weekend. 

Martha's Vineyard in the Summer

With incredible food, electric atmosphere, and no shortage of fun activities, New York City is a definite bucket list destination.

New York City in the Summer

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