SUNRISE PHOTO SPOTS AT Arches National Park 

Arches National Park  has over 2,000 natural stone arches, immense rock fins, and large balanced rocks.

The best sunrise photography at Arches happens when the stone structures glow from the golden hour light.

Enjoy a 360-degree view of the Three Gossips, Sheep Rock, and The Organ in the Courthouse Towers area.

La Sal Mountain Viewpoint

Courthouse Towers

The Courthouse Towers area has unique rock formations to photograph: Three Gossips, Sheep Rock, and The Organ.

Balanced rock

We recommend walking around the .3 mile loop around this landmark to capture the rock at various angles and perspectives.

Balanced Rock

Iconic Delicate Arch is a popular photo spot at sunset - but sunrise is good too!

Delicate Arch

turret arch

With a bit of precarious scrambling, Turret Arch can seen through the North Window, making it one of the best spots for sunrise at Arches National Park.

Double Arch

This arch is best photographed early morning to avoid all the harsh shadows during the day.

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