Sunset Photo Spots at Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton is a great location for enjoying the outdoors anytime of day. Sunset and late evening hours can be especially beautiful and photogenic.


Summertime at Grand Teton National Park offers nice weather for enjoying all the park has to offer, and is a great time to take advantage of beautiful skies for Sunset Photography.

A photo goal for Oxbow Bend is to capture the reflection of the Teton Mountains in the bend of the Snake River. There are many vantage points to photograph this and other beautiful views.

Oxbow Bend at Sunset

Schwabacher Landing at Sunset

Schwabacher Landing is another nice spot for capturing the reflection of the Teton Mountains in the Snake River.  The beautiful banks of the river provide great foreground elements and you may see some wildlife in your scene as well.

Gros Ventre at Sunset

The late afternoon and evening is a terrific time to see and photograph moose.  We always have good luck seeing moose along the Gros Ventre Road. Keep your eyes open along the river in the area!

Pilgrim Creek & Colter Bay at Sunset

The Pilgrim Creek and Colter Bay area is a good place for a chance to see bears in the wild. Be aware of the guidelines for viewing wildlife at Grand Teton and always listen to the rangers.

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