Utah National Parks in August: Vacation Travel Guide

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There are quite a few things to do at Utah Lake State Park. It’s an excellent place to get outside, enjoy some fresh air, and make some fond memories.

Utah Packing Lists

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Utah Lake State Park is a great camping destination. There are a number of campsites available for reservation, including spaces for tents as well as RV’s.

Camping at Utah Lake State Park

Fishing at Utah Lake

Love to catch your own dinner? Fishing is an incredibly popular activity at Utah Lake State Park.

During the summer months, you’ll often see folks waterskiing, wakeboarding, and otherwise enjoying all the recreation opportunities this body of water can offer.

Boating at Utah Lake State Park

No matter the time of year, or weather conditions, there’s always something to photograph at Utah Lake State Park: colorful reflections, floating ice, clouds, and more.

Photography at Utah Lake

Beat the heat with a quick dip into Utah Lake! There’s no better spot to go for a swim in the area than here.

Swimming at Utah Lake State Park

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