Things to Do Near Arches National Park

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If you love the outdoors, you’ll find a ton of things to do near Arches National Park like hiking, climbing, biking, river rafting, photography and more!

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Arches National Park Packing List

Use our list to learn more about the hiking trails, scenic drives, adventure tours, photography spots and more you’ll find near Arches.


The National and State Park boundaries aren’t the only places to explore. You’ll find amazing Moab Utah hiking trails to explore.

Moab is known for the world famous Slickrock Bike Trail. It’s a challenging 9.6 mile trail that’s highly technical and considered by many to be the ultimate mountain biking experience.


Off-roading tours are the best way to see the scenery and enjoy the thrill, especially if you’re intimidated by the vehicles and terrain.


The Potash Road is a Scenic Byway where you can see great views of the Colorado River, ancient rock art, and dinosaur tracks.

Moab Scenic Byway: Potash Road

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