Visiting Timpanogos Cave  National Monument 

Consider a visit to Timpanogos Cave National Monument for a fun day trip in Northern Utah. It's located in the Wasatch Mountains about 40 miles south of Salt Lake City.

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Timpanogos Cave is a fun and unique place to visit in Utah. You can enjoy views of American Fork Canyon as you hike the trail to the cave and enjoy learning about the caves on a guided tour.

Usually the trail and cave tours open in May and close in October, but dates change based on weather, snowpack, and trail damage each year.

No entrance pass is required for visiting the Timpanogos Cave National Monument Visitor Center, the Canyon Nature Trail, or Swinging Bridge Picnic Area.

A ticket must be purchased to enter the cave system.  The monument is open seasonally, typically from late May to early October.

The caves may only be entered with a guided tour led by park rangers.  They are offered multiple times a day from May to October.

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