Tips for Photographing Water

Water is one of our favorite subjects to photograph.  We've put together a list of tips and ideas for photographing water.

Camera Gear Checklist for Travel Photography

When it comes to photographing water, you can capture movement and motion blur or reflections. You can experiment with shutter speeds, lenses and filters.

Water Drops

Capturing drops of water on a subject will lend a sense of drama and action to a photograph.


Lakes are wonderful subjects for photographing water. The dramatic lighting and weather effects around lakes provide great opportunity for impactful photos.


The ocean displays a fantastic array of movement, action, and drama. Focusing on a part of the ever-changing nature of the ocean is a great way to capture stunning images. 


Rivers are a great source for capturing the dynamic energy of flowing water.  Long Exposures can blur the motion of water and enhance the action.


Waterfalls have immediate eye-catching appeal to  viewers.  Longer exposures for motion blur accentuate movement and beauty.

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