Tips for Visiting Canyonlands  National Park  in August

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This time of year is HOT and crowded so use our Canyonlands National Park guide to plan your  August vacation.

Canyonlands NP packing lists

Here’s our Canyonlands National Park Packing List for summer and winter so you’re prepared no matter when you go!

Due to the heat, we don’t find August to be the best time to visit Canyonlands National Park. But August is a good time for milky way photography!

Is August a Good Time to Visit Canyonlands?

Canyonlands Visitor Center in August

It’s a good time to talk to the park ranger about things you are interested in seeing and doing, as well as get tips and ideas from them as well.

 The views there are quite a bit different from Island in the Sky. Stop at all pullouts to enjoy the diverse beauty at the various points of interest.

Canyonlands Scenic Drives in August

We highly recommend exploring at least one of the Canyonlands hikes. There are hundreds of miles of easy, moderate and strenuous trails to choose from.

Hiking at Canyonlands in August

Sunrise and sunset are the best times for Canyonlands National Park photography.

Photography at Canyonlands

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