Tips for Visiting Canyonlands

Located in Southeast Utah, Canyonlands National Park showcases spectacular views of red rock canyons and mesas carved by the Colorado River.

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Canyonlands National Park provides visitors with a fantastic assortment of outdoor activities like hiking, backpacking, river rafting, photography and camping.

Canyonlands Has Four Seperate Districts

- Island in the Sky - Needles - The Maze - The Rivers

The Green and Colorado Rivers have divided Canyonlands into four unique districts:

When to Visit Canyonlands

Temperatures in Canyonlands fluctuate as much as 40 degrees in a day.  The best time to visit is during the more temperate Spring and Fall.

Mesa Arch

A popular and easy 30-minute hike to a magnificent arch near the edge of a sheer cliff face. Sunrise is a spectacular time to view and photograph this spot.

Canyonlands is a Dark Sky Park

Canyonlands National Park was announced as an International Dark Sky Park in 2015.  The best time for stargazing in Canyonlands is when the sky is darkest. 

Green River Overlook

Visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of the surrounding Canyonlands and the majestic Green River extending for miles in every direction.

Newspaper Rock

Technically, Newspaper Rock isn't part of Canyonlands  but is a Utah State Historic Monument that you pass enroute to The Needles.