Travel Guide  For Capitol Reef National Park in October

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If you want to visit Capitol Reef National Park in October, here’s all the information you need: things to do, what to pack, where to stay, and more!

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Capitol Reef  Photography Guide

Visiting Capitol Reef National Park in October is a fabulous time to go to escape the crowds and enjoy moderate temperatures.

Is October a Good Time to Visit Capitol Reef?

Capitol Reef Weather in October

Temperatures at Capitol Reef in October range from highs near 65 degrees and lows around 40 degrees. The October weather at Capitol Reef is perfect during the day for outdoor activities.

Picking fruit from the orchards is a popular activity at Capitol Reef! October is Apple season too! Perfect timing for the Orchard.

Capitol Reef Fruita Area in October

The Fruita to Capitol Gorge scenic drive is a must-see! You can also explore Cathedral Valley and Burr Trail if you’ve got the right vehicle, and the weather allows it.

Capitol Reef Scenic Drives

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