Travel Guide  For Visiting Utah  in December

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December is a nice time to visit Utah for outdoor activities and photography. Prepare for cold temperatures and snow.


December temperatures will vary between Northern and Southern Utah. Fahrenheit temperatures in the south average about 10 degrees warmer. Higher elevations may be 10 to 20 degrees cooler.

Utah Weather  in December

Is December a Good Time to Visit Utah?

December is a great time to visit Utah even though the weather is colder. There are still wonderful places to visit all over the state! In many areas you will experience snow in the mountains.

In December there are still many places that provide great hiking opportunities. It is also a good time to start snowshoeing in some areas.

Hiking in December  in Utah

Utah has more than 400,000 miles of scenic drives to explore. In December you can still enjoy majestic views along many of these scenic roads!

Utah Scenic Drives in December

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