Visiting US National Parks in February

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If you’re looking for US National Park vacation ideas, consider visiting in February, the crowds are fewer and you can enjoy activities and beautiful landscapes with or without snow.

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Arches National Park in February

February is during the "off season" for Arches but is a great time to visit and avoid the crowds. Be prepared for cold temperatures and a more individual experience.

With sunshine year round it makes for a great place to visit in the winter to get away from cold and snow. The average temperature in February is 66 degrees making it a nice winter getaway!

Biscayne National Park in February

Bryce Canyon National Park in February is known for spectacular snow blanketed scenery. During President’s Day weekend you can participate in the Winter Festival activities.

Bryce Canyon in February

Visiting Florida in the summer months is not ideal at all. Planning a trip to the Everglades in February is a great way to avoid the hot sticky weather.

Everglades National Park in February

Horsetail Falls, one of the lesser known waterfalls throughout the rest of the year, becomes the star of the show during February. If the sun hits this waterfall just right the light appears as a stream of fire, which is truly remarkable.

Yosemite National Park in February

February is a unique time to visit Yellowstone.  Most of the roadways through the park are closed due to snowfall.  Access to the park is provided through skis, snowshoes, snowmobiles, and snowcoaches.

Yellowstone National Park in February

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