Visiting US National Parks in March

If you’re looking for US National Park vacation ideas, March is a great time for hiking and photography. Temperatures are more pleasant and it's early enough to avoid spring break crowds.

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Arches National Park in March

March is right before the beginning of the "busy season".  Temperatures are pleasant and crowds are smaller.  It is a picturesque and memorable park.

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Big Bend National Park in March

March is a great time to visit this park. Located in a desert region, temperatures can be high, but evenings and mornings are usually mild. March is a busy time of year for this park as it's a spring break location.

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Grand Canyon National Park in March

March is a great time to experience the Grand Canyon without the crowds, unless Spring Break happens to fall in March. 

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Shenandoah National Park in March

March is a beautiful time to visit Shenandoah as spring begins to blossom amidst the rolling mountains.  The park has many famous cavern and waterfall hikes.

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White Sands National Park in March

White Sands is a remote location but is a spectacular park to visit for unique and beautiful landscapes. Temperatures in March are perfect.

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