Utah Summer Hikes

Utah is a nature lover's paradise with stunning landscapes and incredible hiking trails. From easy day hikes to challenging trails the state offers a great variety to accomodate everyone.

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In Northern Utah, hikers can explore the Wasatch and Uinta Mountains. In Southern Utah there are a variety of trails at all five Utah National Parks.

Hiking Utah in the Summer

Utah weather in the summer will vary between Northern and Southern Utah. Higher elevations could be 10 - 20 degrees cooler.

Utah Summer Weather for Hiking

Angel's Landing is one of the most iconic hikes in all of the National Parks.   The trail is a challenging and at times intense hike.

Angel's Landing Summer Hike

Cecret Lake, at Alta Ski Resort, is a beautiful hike in the Utah Mountains.   Just under 2 miles round trip, and only about 450 feet of elevation gain, it is a good hike for families and seasoned hikers.

Cecret Lake Summer Hike

Delicate Arch Hike is probably the most famous hike in Utah.  Located in Arches National Park it is approximately 3 miles round trip and strenuous at times.

Delicate Arch Summer Hike

Ensign Peak is one of Utah's easier and shorter hikes making it a perfect start of summer hiking. It is a steep but short hike with an amazing view of Salt Lake City.

Ensign Peak Summer Hike