Utah Weather in the Winter

When looking for places to visit in Utah in the winter, it’s important to know the expected weather and temperatures you may encounter!

UTAH Packing Lists

Winter weather and temperatures will vary between Northern and Southern Utah.  Higher elevations will have more snow and colder temperatures. 

In Winter Utah you can enjoy snow sports like skiing and snowshoeing, and outdoor activities like hiking and biking.

Temperatures drop at Arches National Park in Winter so it's the least busy season. It's a good time to avoid crowds and see unique landscapes.

Arches National Park

Due to high elevation, it will be cold and snowy when visiting Bryce. This park is very beautiful in snow.

Bryce Canyon National Park

In Canyonlands in Winter visitor services are reduced and you'll need to be more self reliant in the park.

Canyonlands National Park

Winter is a nice time to visit Capitol Reef and enjoy outdoor activities without the crowds.

Capitol Reef National Park

Winter is a nice time to visit Zion and enjoy outdoor activities as temperatures are cooler and crowds smaller.

Zion National Park in Winter

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