Vacation Ideas at US National Parks in June

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We’ve put together a list of fantastic vacation ideas at US National Parks in June.

What to Pack for a Summer National Park Vacation

1. US National Parks Pass 2.  Hiking Gear 3. Clothing with UV Protection 4. Daypack 5. Other

Acadia National Park in June

This park is filled with hikes, beaches, mountains, lighthouses, climbing, excellent seafood, and exceptional photography spots.

Bryce Canyon is one of the most underrated National Parks in the United States.

Bryce Canyon in June

One of the best Capitol Reef hikes to do in June is Sulphur Creek. It’s five miles of hiking, plus three back to the trailhead.

Capitol Reef in June

Basically, if you want to get off the national park beaten path, Cuyahoga Valley National Park is a must-visit in June!

Cuyahoga Valley in June

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