Vacation Travel Guide for Bryce Canyon in September

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You’ll enjoy moderate temperatures to explore the park, but September is a busy time at Bryce Canyon so be prepared for crowds.

Take jaw-dropping photos at Bryce Canyon… with your phone or camera!

Bryce Canyon Photography Guide

Keep reading for our tips and resources to plan a trip to Bryce Canyon National Park in September: what to pack, where to stay, things to do and more!


The mornings and evenings will be cool and the daytime temperatures will be just right!

Yes, the Bryce Canyon shuttle runs every day in September, but it’s not mandatory to ride the shuttle to access the park.

Does the Bryce Canyon Shuttle Run in September?

The park is open 24 hours a day, every day of the year, even on holidays!

Bryce Canyon Services in September

September weather at Bryce Canyon is pretty much perfect with highs around 70 and lows around 42 degrees Fahrenheit.

Weather at Bryce Canyon in September

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