Visiting Bears Ears  National Monument 

Located in Southeastern Utah, Bears Ears National Monument encompasses nearly 1.36 million acres of spectacular land including archeological sites, canyons, and ancient cliff dwellings.

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From hiking trails to breathtaking views from the mesas above, visitors can enjoy a variety of activities such as camping, rock climbing, scenic drives, and horseback riding.

Bears Ears National Monument is administered jointly by the BLM and the US Forest Service.  It is named for a pair of towering buttes named Bears Ears by Native Americans.

Bears Ears National Monument does not charge entrance fees.  Several hikes do require permits, some can be paid at trailheads, others will need to be paid at BLM Field Offices.

The Monument is open 24 hours a day, year round.  Some areas may have restricted access certain times of year.   There are no Visitor Centers in the Monument but there are in Bluff and Blanding Utah.  

Weather conditions in the Spring and Fall will be moderate.  Summer temperatures can exceed 100 degrees F, and summer monsoons may bring flash floods. Many of the roads are impassable when wet.

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