Visiting Dinosaur  National Monument 

If you love Dinosaurs, a great place to visit in Utah would be Dinosaur National Monument. It's an iconic landmark located one the border of NE Utah and NW Colorado.

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When visiting Dinosaur National Monument you can explore stunning landscapes, enjoy educational programs, and observe paleontologists at work.

Dinosaur National Monument was established in 1915 to protect some of the most significant fossil discoveries ever made.

All visitors must have an entrance pass. You can also use your US National Park Pass. Hours for the Visitor Centers and Exhibit Halls change seasonally so check the website for current information.

Temperatures range from 0 to 30 degrees F in the winter. A summer visit means intense sunlight and hot temperatures, often over 100 degrees F.

There are  great Utah and Colorado Scenic Drives around the Dinosaur National Monument Area.  There are no services along the route.

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