Visiting Grand Teton National Park in the Winter

Grand Teton National Park in the Winter is a quiet time to enjoy the snowy landscape.


Grand Teton Winter Weather

– December temperatures: highs 25 / lows 3 degrees F – January temperatures: highs 25 / lows 0 degrees F – February temperatures: highs 30 / lows 2 degrees F

Pets in Grand Teton in the Winter

Pets are allowed on plowed roadways and parking areas. You can also take your pet on the unplowed sections of the Teton Park and Moose-Wilson roads.

Winter Cross-country Skiing and Snowshoeing at Grand Teton

The Teton Park Road from Taggart Lake Trailhead to Signal Mountain Lodge is intermittently groomed for snowshoeing and cross country skiing.

Snowmobiling in Grand Teton in the winter

The only location in Grand Teton where you can snowmobile is the frozen surface of Jackson Lake for ice fshing access only. 

Winter Backcountry Access at Grand Teton

The backcountry of the Grand Teton National Park in the winter is a harsh and dangerous environment.  Properly prepare your equipment and skills for exploring there.

Grand Teton Photography in the Winter

Great places to photograph Grand Teton in the winter: – Highway 191/89 Overlooks – Moulton Barn/Mormon Row – Snake River Overlook – Oxbow Bend – Coulter Bay

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