Visiting Hovenweep  National Monument 

Located on the border of Utah and Colorado, Hovenweep National Monument contains six prehistoric villages that have been preserved by the National Parks Service.

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Hovenweep is an incredible place to visit in Utah for anyone looking to explore ancient ruins and get a glimpse Ancestral Puebloan  life hundreds of years ago.

The structures at Hovenweep are made from sandstone and mortar, and you can see many kivas, towers, pit houses, petroglyphs, oracle circles and more.

Entrance fees are $20 per vehicle or $10 a person. The park is open year round but hours vary with the season. The visitor center is open 9 am to 5 pm.

- Square Tower Group -  Holly - Horseshoe - Hackberry - Cutthroat Castle - Cajon

Hovenweep Units

There are six units spread over 20 miles that are not connected.

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