Visiting Moab in the Winter

Moab in the winter is our favorite time because it’s the off-season. There are fewer visitors and the rates to stay are lower than any other time of the year.

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Moab Weather in the Winter

– December: high 45 / low     22 – 3 days rain/snow – January: high 44 / low 22     3 days rain/snow – February: high 52 / low 26     3 days rain/snow

National and State Parks Near Moab in the Winter

The one must-do when you’re in Moab is visiting the National Parks and the Utah State Park by Moab. 

Moab Dinosaurs and Petroglyphs in the Winter

The Moab Giants Museum is a MUST for anyone who loves dinosaurs! The winter months are a great time to be outside walking along a trail of life-sized dinosaurs! 

Biking in Moab in the Winter

Biking at Moab has become a big thing! Winter is a great time to bike all day and not worry about getting too hot.

Moab Hikes in the Winter

If you are looking for hiking, you definitely want to explore the trails in the National and State Parks near Moab where you will find trails for all hiking levels.

Photography in the Winter Winter

We love photographing the white snow against the red rock in Moab in the winter. Pack your camera and download our camera gear checklist so you don’t forget anything.