Visiting Natural Bridges  National Monument 

Located in southeastern Utah, Natural Bridges National Monument provides a stunning view of majestic natural bridges carved by eroding water over millions of years.

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Natural Bridges is near Moab and Four Corners.  The three bridges can be viewed from the overlook or the hike down the canyon.

There are three different bridges standing at heights ranging from 30 to 90 feet.  Breathtaking photos can be taken from ground level looking up.

Natural Bridges is a protected area in Southeastern Utah that covers approximately 7,636 acres and is managed by the National Park Service.

Natural Bridges Entrance Fees

Natural Bridges National Monument entrance fee is $20 per vehicle, $15 per motorcycle, and $10 per person for those entering the park by foot, bicycle, or other non-motorized means.

Natural Bridges Operating Hours

– The park is open year-    round, 24 hours a day. – The visitor center is open    daily from 9:00 am to    4:00 pm, except    Thanksgiving,    Christmas,    and New Year’s Day.

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