Visiting US National Parks in October

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If you’re looking for US National Park vacation ideas, consider October because many parks display autumn colors, the air is cooler and there aren’t as many visitors.

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Canyonlands National Park in October is one of the best times to visit! The weather is perfect for outdoor activities!

Canyonlands in October

Crater Lake National Park in October

Visiting Crater Lake in October usually means fewer people. With over 30 overlooks to choose from, you will be amazed by the views in this unique park.

If going on a guided tour is something you want to do, these do not start until late October. Planning your trip to Death Valley National Park should include an early arrival for a breathtaking view of the sunrise at Zabriskie Point.

Death Valley in October

October is the perfect time to visit because the end of September is when cruise ships stop porting which means fewer people are visiting the park. Visiting Denali National Park in October is a great time to do some fall hiking and even see the northern lights!

Denali National Park in October

Visiting Florida in the summer months is not ideal at all. Planning a trip to the Everglades in October is a great way to avoid the hot sticky weather.

Everglades National Park in October

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