Visiting Utah in August

Visiting Utah in August, you can enjoy outdoor activities like hiking, boating, stargazing, off-roading, or camping in the mountains, forests, lakes, reservoirs, red rock canyons, and deserts.


 Average temperatures in Northern Utah: highs 92 / lows 67 degrees F.

Utah Weather  in August

Average temperatures in Southern Utah: highs 100 / lows 70 degrees F. 

Remember that Utah is a high elevation, high desert location. It’s important to stay hydrated and use sun protection for any outdoor activities in August!

The summer monsoon rain means increased potential for flash floods! When hiking in any of Southern Utah’s streams, washes or canyons – it’s extremely important that you plan around the weather.

Utah National Parks in August

Some of the National Parks in Utah now have permits to enter or do certain activities, so be sure to check about reservations required when visiting in August.

Hiking in Utah is one of the best ways to experience this beautiful state. In August you’ll want to limit your hiking to the cooler mornings and evenings and avoid the hot daytime temperatures.

Utah hiking in August

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