White Pocket is a must-see gem in the Vermillion Cliffs National Monument in Arizona. Known for resemblance to its Utah counterpart, The Wave, White Pocket boasts equally fascinating rock formations.

Embarking on a journey to this extraordinary place demands more than a sense of adventure. Navigating the road requires a high-clearance 4WD vehicle and driving in deep sand.

White Pocket is a stunning landscape of towering sandstone buttes and otherworldly shapes. It has become a popular destination for photographers and outdoor enthusiasts alike.

Hiking at White Pocket is one of the highlights when visiting the area. There is no set hiking trail, you create your own adventure as you explore.

Hiking at White Pocket

Camping near White Pocket is a popular choice among visitors. There are various dispersed camping areas for a more rugged experience.

Camping at White Pocket

Photographing White Pocket is all about capturing the formations in nice light.  It is best in late afternoon, sunset, dusk or dawn, sunrise and early morning.

Photography at White Pocket

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