Travel Guide for Yellowstone in January

Visiting Yellowstone in January means fewer people but decreased access and cold temperatures.  Use this Yellowstone National Park travel guide to plan a trip in January: services available, weather, and things to do.


YELLOWSTONE  Winter Packing List

Yellowstone is a destination like no other, and in January it’s even more so with steaming geysers and snowy landscapes. You can enjoy the quiet and serenity.

Visiting Yellowstone in January

Yellowstone Weather in  January

January at Yellowstone is very cold.  The landscape is covered in snow and ice. It is a winter wonderland.

Most Yellowstone roads are closed in January for winter. Access to the park can be made through West Yellowstone and the south entrance.

Access to Yellowstone in January

Snow Coach Tours, Snowmobiling, Skiing and Snowshoeing are available in January to explore and enjoy the park.

Yellowstone Tours and Activities in January

Yellowstone waterfalls is always at the top of our must-do list. Some of the falls may still be visited in January through coach and snowmobile tours.

Yellowstone Waterfalls in January

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