Visiting Yosemite National Park in the Fall: What to Look for When Out Shooting

Did you know that Yosemite National Park if the fall is one of the best times to visit that park?

Here’s the list of gear we recommend for a National Park trip in the fall:

- US National Parks Pass - Fall Hiking Shoes - Fall Hiking Socks - Fall Clothing for   Hiking - Daypack - Water - Food - Flashlight

Fall in Yosemite

Fall at Yosemite covers the months of October and November. While the park is open during these months, tumultuous weather patterns, fog, clouds, and snow may make it harder to explore.

Fall in Yosemite

Many of the trees in Yosemite are evergreen, so it takes some time to find the spots that have deciduous trees turning into a warm rainbow of fall colors.

Use a Guide to Your Advantage

Yosemite is such a large park with countless locations for photos. To capture some truly magical moments, consider taking a Yosemite tour that guides you through the park to the best photo spots.