What It’s Like at Zion National Park in October

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Planning a vacation to Zion National Park in October? Be prepared for hot days, crowds and to use the shuttle to access Zion Canyon.

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Visiting Zion National Park in October

When visiting Zion National Park in the fall, be prepared for crowds since it’s considered a peak season for this most-visited Utah National Park.

Yes. The Zion National Park shuttle is running every day in October so check the shuttle schedule for the most updated information.

Does the Zion Shuttle Run in October?

Zion Canyon is closed to all personal vehicles in October so plan to use the Zion National Park shuttle that runs a full schedule every day.

Can You Drive Through Zion National Park in October?

The temperatures at Zion in October will be "just right", but it will be crowded. Be sure to hit the shuttle, trails and Highway 9 scenic drive first thing in the morning!

Is October a Good Time to Visit Zion?

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