Where to See the Best Sunsets in Moab

The tips we share here are based on our years of experience taking pictures in the Moab area throughout the year and in all types of weather conditions!

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Tips for Taking Sunset Photos in Moab

1. Take advantage of the compositions provided by moving your feet. 2. Use a sturdy tripod to maximize clarity and sharpness, and creative possibilities.

Camera Settings for Sunset Photography in Moab

   1. From a tripod: ISO 100, Aperture F/11 – F/13    2. Handheld: shutter speed at 2x the focal length,  Aperture F/11 – F/13    3. Expose for the bright sunlit areas.

Delicate Arch at Sunset

Delicate Arch is THE best sunset spot in Arches National Park to capture the red-orange glow on the arch and surrounding landscape.

Balanced Rock at Sunset

It’s fun to photograph the various perspectives as you walk around the structure! There will be a lot of people hiking around the area!

Dead Horse Point at Sunset

Dead Horse Point State Park is amazing at sunset. It’s known for its stunning views of the Colorado River, dramatic vertical cliffs, canyons, and vistas.

Fisher Towers at Sunset

Sunset is the time to photograph Fisher Towers to catch the golden glow on the red rocks. You can get good photos from the parking lot.