Winter Activities at Canyonlands 

There are many Canyonlands winter activities to enjoy during the off-season at this National Park in Utah.


Canyonlands Visitor's Center in Winter

Take time to talk to the park ranger to get information about things you are interested in seeing and doing. Get tips and ideas on other things to do as well!

Canyonlands Scenic Drives in Winter

In the winter, the Canyonlands roads may be temporarily closed to allow for snow removal. You’ll want to check road conditions at Canyonlands before making the long drive to find out the park is closed.

Canyonlands Hikes in the Winter

Island in the Sky hikes: Mesa Arch, Grand View Point, Aztec Butte and Upheaval Dome.  Canyonlands Needles hikes that are easy: Roadside Ruin, Pothole Point, Cave Spring. 

Canyonlands Photography in the Winter

Winter photography at Canyonlands is awesome, especially if there are clouds, fog or snow! We focus our Canyonlands National Park photography at Island in the Sky for sunrise and sunset photography.

Canyonlands Winter Camping

Winter camping in Canyonlands requires careful preparation. Always check weather conditions, adhere to park regulations, and ensure you have the appropriate gear to stay warm and safe.

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