Winter Camping at Bryce Canyon 

If you enjoy camping with amazing landscape views, there are a few places for Bryce Canyon winter camping.

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Winter Weather at Bryce Canyon

– Bryce in December –   highs around 26° F and   lows around 12° F – Bryce in January –    highs around 36° F and   lows around 11° F – Bryce in February –      highs around 36° F and   lows around 11° F

Bryce Canyon in the Winter

Most of the year you’ll enjoy fun outdoor activies. In winter, the activities may be a bit more limited due to cold or snowy conditions!

Bryce Canyon Winter Camping  Basics

Only loop A of North Campground is open in the winter months. It is first come, first serve. 

Bryce Canyon Winter Festival

February is a great time to visit Bryce Canyon National Park and enjoy the Winter Festival weekend. 

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