Winter Clothing Guide for Outdoor Activities

We get asked about the gear we use when it’s cold. Here’s our winter clothing guide that we consider an important part of our travel photography gear!

 Winter Vacation Packing List

Winter Hats

– A lightweight wool or synthetic hat is best for warmer days and exerting hikes. – A warmer, heavier weight hat is best for later in the day or if temperatures are very low.

Insulated Boots

Be sure to size your boot by wearing a thicker sock or sock liner to make sure blood circulation isn’t compromised.

Insulated Gloves

Fleece and leather gloves are not recommended for outdoor hiking or photography in the winter.

Warm Socks

The topic of warm socks is really a matter of personal preference. It's important with socks to make sure that there's plenty of space in your boots to wiggle your toes around to increase blood circulation and foot warmth.

Winter Clothing Guide to Layers

– Base layer (underwear layer): wicks sweat off your skin – Middle layer (insulating layer): retains body heat to protect you from the cold – Outer layer (shell layer): shields you from wind and rain

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