Winter Clothing Guide for Outdoor Travel & Photography

Cold, snow, ice and wind also create challenges for hikers and photographers in the winter. This is the list of clothing items we use for outdoor travel and photography adventures in the winter!

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Winter Vacation Packing List

Be sure to size your boot by wearing a thicker sock or sock liner to make sure blood circulation isn’t compromised. Some winter conditions won’t be so extreme in temperature, and waterproof boots will suffice. We always recommend the waterproof boots for all hiking needs that don’t require additional insulation for extreme winter temperatures.

Winter Boots

Wicking is important for any clothing that touches skin. The awesome thing about wicking fabric is it pulls moisture (sweat) away from you and moves it to the fabric’s outer surface, where it can dry quickly.

Clothing to Wear

Insulated Shell

Insulated jackets and pants offer the best protection for extreme cold. Some outer shells have a layer of insulation built in—such as fleece—making them convenient for cold, wet conditions, but not as versatile for layering in fluctuating temperatures.

Insulated Winter Gloves

Mitts provide more warmth that gloves, but gloves allow individual finger movement. If it’s extremely cold, use an insulating glove inside a waterproof shell mitt to provide dexterity and warmth.

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