Winter Photos of Zion National Park

Zion National Park is a beautiful place to explore in winter. With unique landscapes and breathtaking views, it is a great place to take photos in winter.

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A trip to Zion National Park in winter is the best because the crowds are gone. At times we feel like we have the park all to ourselves!

The Zion Canyon scenic drive is closed to private vehicles during the shuttle season. Typically, Zion National Park shuttles are running March through November and December Holiday weeks.

Zion Shuttle in the Winter

Zion National Park weather in the winter means cooler days and cold nights. Normally the park only receives up to 5 inches of snow a year.

Zion Winter Weather

The Three Patriarchs area is a terrific location for morning or late afternoon photography. There are quite a few ways to photograph this area.

Zion Canyon Winter Photos

The road from Zion Canyon to the Zion-Mount Carmel Tunnel is full of switchbacks. Be sure to stop along the pull-outs to photograph this part of the park!

Mt Carmel Scenic Byway Photos

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