Year Round Activities at Yellowstone

Yellowstone National Park is a breathtaking destination brimming with unique activities for every kind of adventurer.



Visitor's Centers in Yellowstone

We recommend visiting the various Visitor Centers in the park to get updated information on each area.

Scenic Drives in Yellowstone

Yellowstone covers over 2 million acres of land! It’s divided into 2 main sections and 9 areas. 

Hiking in Yellowstone

Stay on trails: taking shortcuts causes trail erosion and is dangerous. In hydrothermal areas, stepping on thin crust may plunge you into boiling water.

Geysers and Hot Springs in Yellowstone

There are five types of hydrothermal features you’ll see in Yellowstone: geysers, hot springs, mudpots, travertine terraces and fumaroles. 

Waterfalls in Yellowstone

Most of the Yellowstone waterfalls don’t require hiking to see them. In Spring the water is running high so it’s a good time to photograph waterfalls.

Wildlife in Yellowstone

During each season at Yellowstone you’ll see a wide variety of birds and mammals. We find May, October, and the winter are the best times to visit for wildlife.

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