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Travel Guide for Yellowstone in October

Visiting Yellowstone in October means fewer people, cooler temperatures for hiking and greater wildlife activity.  Use this Yellowstone National Park travel guide to plan a trip in October: services available, weather, and things to do.

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Mid-October is so nice because tour buses are few and you often have the roadways and trails to yourselves.

Visiting Yellowstone National Park in October

Yellowstone Weather in  October

The average temperatures in October at Yellowstone are highs around 56 and lows around 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Be prepared for rain or snow at any time and layers are key

Yellowstone roads will close the end of October or beginning of November each year to prepare for winter. Be sure to check the Yellowstone Fall Closing Dates for the most current information.

Scenic Drives at Yellowstone

Before exploring any Yellowstone hiking trails in October, we recommend you check with the rangers at the Visitor Center to get current trail conditions.

Hiking at Yellowstone in October

Yellowstone waterfalls is always at the top of our must-do list. Most of the time we were able to enjoy the sounds and serenity of the waterfalls at Yellowstone in October with no other people around.

Yellowstone Waterfalls in October

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