Located in Wyoming and Montana, Yellowstone boasts breathtaking views of mountains, valleys, rivers, geysers and hot springs. Planning a Yellowstone vacation in the fall is a terrific time to enjoy all the park has to offer.

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When does Yellowstone close in the fall?

-September all Yellowstone roads, services, and campgrounds are open.  -October a lot of Yellowstone services and lodging begin to close. 

-November the only services available are along the road from the North entrance to the Northeast entrance.

Yellowstone Fall Weather

– September: low 30 and high 64 degrees F – October: low 22 and high 51 degrees F – November: low 12 and high 34 degrees F

September in Yellowstone

– Elk rut in Mammoth     Hot Springs  – Black and grizzly bears    along the roadside     meadows – Fall color above 7,000      feet

October in Yellowstone

- Services: limited - Roads begin closing for    winter season - Bears return to lower     elevations and are more     visible along road.

November in Yellowstone

- Winter travel restrictions    for all areas except     Mammoth to northeast    entrance – Bighorn sheep rut near     north entrance – Snow accumulates     below 7,000 ft

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