Yellowstone National Park with Kids

Kids will enjoy seeing and learning about the geysers, hot pools, and mud pots in addition to seeing incredible waterfalls and a variety of wildlife!

Grab Your YELLOWSTONE Packing List!

Yellowstone Visitors Center and Ranger Programs for Kids

We recommend visiting the various Yellowstone Visitor Centers and talk to the on-duty rangers about the activities you are interested in doing with kids. 

Yellowstone Junior Ranger Program

Get the free Junior Ranger Booklet at the Visitor Center. The activities in the booklet help kids learn more about hydrothermal geology, wildlife, fire ecology, and much more. 

Yellowstone Scenic Drive with Kids

Did you know Yellowstone covers over 2 million acres of land?! It’s divided into 2 main sections and 9 areas. The scenic drives are a great way to enjoy the park with kids.

Hiking with Kids in Yellowstone

An important tip for hiking with kids is to make sure you select a hike that fits the kids’ abilities. Before you set out on any hiking trail, make sure you have the right hiking gear for kids.

Yellowstone Geysers and Hot Springs with Kids

Kids will get a thrill to see the five types of hydrothermal features found in Yellowstone: geysers, hot springs, mudpots, travertine terraces and fumaroles. 

Yellowstone Wildlife with Kids

During each season at Yellowstone you’ll see a wide variety of birds and mammals at Yellowstone. We find May, October, and the winter are the best times to visit Yellowstone for wildlife.

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