Yellowstone Summer Activities

Summer is the perfect time to explore Yellowstone National Park, with its stunning natural beauty and abundance of activities.

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 From hiking and fishing in the park’s many rivers and lakes, to camping under starry skies and exploring geothermal features like Old Faithful Geyser, there’s no shortage of ways to enjoy your summer in Yellowstone.

 We recommend visiting the various Visitor Centers in the park to get updated information on the points of interest, hiking trails, and other activities to do in each area.

 Yellowstone covers over 2 million acres of land! It’s divided into 2 main sections and 9 areas. The best way to experience the park is exploring the beautiful Yellowstone scenic drives in the park and surrounding areas.

Yellowstone Scenic Drives in Summer

 Some Yellowstone hiking trails might still be wet and muddy in early July.  Most of the Yellowstone National Park easy summer hikes should be fine in early summer!

Summer Hiking in Yellowstone

 There are five types of hydrothermal features you’ll see in Yellowstone: geysers, hot springs, mudpots, travertine terraces and fumaroles.

Geysers and Hot Springs in Summer

 Most of the Yellowstone waterfalls don’t require hiking to see them. In July the water is still running high so it’s a good time to photograph waterfalls.

Yellowstone Waterfalls in Summer

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