Zion National Park Fall Activities

Visiting Zion National Park in the fall is one of the best times to enjoy moderate weather. It’s also one of the busiest times of year so expect crowds. We recommend getting an early start to the day!

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Fall Weather in Zion National Park

The weather at Zion in the fall is amazing! The temperatures are moderate which is why it’s a popular time of year for people to visit.

Fall Ranger Programs at Zion National Park

Free ranger-led programs are offered at Zion National Park during the fall months. Programs are designed to help visitors understand and appreciate the park more, and cover a range of topics like geology, botany, wildlife, and human history.

Fall Hiking at Zion National Park

There are a variety of easy Zion National Park hikes for all age levels and abilities! If you’ll be visiting during the busy season, check out all the Zion hikes without the shuttle to avoid the crowds.

Fall Biking at Zion National Park

A great way to explore the park and avoid the shuttle is bicycling at Zion. Riding a bike is a great alternative to riding the shuttle to access Zion Canyon. You can rent bicycles in Springdale.

Fall Canyoneering at Zion National Park

The two famous trails that require technical canyoneering skill are The Subway and The Narrows from the top-down. Both hikes require a permit, and all overnight trips in these areas also require a permit.

Fall Stargazing at Zion National Park

Remember to take time to enjoy the park after dark! The vast and dark sky in Zion National Park is something you have to see to believe! If you’re there during a new moon (no moon in the sky) you might experience your first encounter with the Milky Way!