Zion National Park in the Summer

Zion in the summer means HOT temperatures, sometimes exceeding 100 degrees F! Late summer monsoons can cause flash floods.

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Zion National Park is open all year long, and open every day in the summer months of June, July, and August. Zion is the most-visited Utah National Park to explore and photograph the colorful cliffs and canyons.

Summer in Zion National Park starts mid-June with temperature highs reaching 90-105 degrees. When visiting Zion National Park in the summer, staying hydrated is the key to enjoying the park.

Monsoon season in Zion National Park usually arrives at the end of summer, between late July and mid September. When it rains, you might see pop-up waterfalls at Zion!

With rain comes the potential for flash floods! When hiking in any of Zion’s streams, washes or canyons – it’s extremely important that you plan around the weather. We recommend you check with Rangers for any threat of flash floods before you hit the trail.

The Zion National Park shuttle is running every day in the summer so check the shuttle schedule for the most updated information. There will be limited parking at Zion and in the town of Springdale so plan to start your day early to get a parking spot in town and a spot on the shuttle.

Zion Canyon is closed to all personal vehicles in the summer. The other three Zion National Park scenic drives are open for you to drive your own car: Highway 9, Kolob Terrace Road and Kolob Canyon.