Zion National Park Itinerary Ideas

Zion National Park 

In Southwest Utah, Zion National Park is an amazing experience not to be missed by anyone who loves the outdoors. Zion is a bucket list place to visit in Utah that includes narrow sandstone canyons, high plateaus with spectacular views, and the Virgin River flowing through the park.  The hiking trails at Zion are world-famous and fun to explore.

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Zion Things to Know

Zion National Park is open to visitors twenty-four hours day, every day of the year.  You will want to check the website because some services and facilities do close or reduce hours during parts of the year.

Zion Shuttle and Parking

Park only in designated parking spaces and avoid parking along roadways, on vegetation, and in a way that blocks traffic. The Park Shuttle operates during the weekends starting mid-February. In early March, the shuttle runs daily between Zion Canyon and the town of Springdale. 

Zion Spring Weather

Spring weather varies quite a bit from month to month. Pack for all types of weather. Average temps:     Zion in March: Highs 66 /     Lows 39 degrees F     Zion in April: Highs 75 |    Lows 45 degrees F    Zion in May: Highs 86 | Lows    50 degrees F

Zion Summer Weather

Summer weather will be hot. It's advisable to plan activities for the cooler mornings and evenings. Average temps:     Zion in June: Highs 95 /     Lows 63 degrees F     Zion in July: Highs 100 |    Lows 68 degrees F    Zion in August: Highs 100 | Lows 68 degrees F

Zion Fall Weather

Fall weather will be cooler. It's a nice time to explore the park any time of day.  Average temps:     Zion in Sept : Highs 70 /     Lows 48 degrees F     Zion in Oct : Highs 62 |    Lows 40 degrees F    Zion in Nov : Highs 55 | Lows 30 degrees F

Zion Winter Weather

Winter weather will be cool to cold. Prepare for cold temperatures and possible snow.  Average temps:     Zion in Dec : Highs 48 /     Lows 24 degrees F     Zion in Jan : Highs 50 |    Lows 25 degrees F    Zion in Feb : Highs 50 | Lows 25 degrees F

Zion Itineraries

Check out our itineraries for 1, 2 or 3 days at Zion National Park.

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