Zion National Park Photo Spots

Zion National Park is an outdoor oasis situated in the stunning red rocks of southern Utah. It is an amazing area for unique and spectacular nature photography.

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Before visiting Zion National Park know the times when the Park Shuttle is in operation.  When it is, access to Zion Canyon for Sunrise or Sunset will be limited.

Even in Spring, Summer and Fall when the shuttle is in operation, you can still get nice morning or late afternoon photos at locations in Zion Canyon.

There is a small patio behind the Zion Human History Museum that is popular for Sunrise Photography.  You can photograph Towers of the Virgin here.

Zion Human History Museum

The Three Patriarchs area is terrific for morning or late afternoon photography. There are many great spots at this location.  

Three Patriarchs

Big Bend is a great location to walk along the river and photograph the colorful canyon walls. There can be drastic contrast of light on the walls here.

Big Bend and Great White Throne