Winter Photography Gear List

When it comes to winter photography, the right gear can make all the difference. As a photographer, being well-equipped with winter photography gear can significantly enhance the photos you take!

There are certain travel photography gear items we pack for our outings based on the season and weather. The necessity of winter-specific photography gear in cold temperatures cannot be overstated.

photography gear list for winter

In this article we’ll talk about the equipment we use and recommend for taking pictures in the winter, based on our experiences with a wide range of camera gear over the years.

Don’t forget about personal gear too: warm gloves that allow for dexterity, a heavy-duty coat, and rechargeable hand warmers can help keep you comfortable and focused on getting that perfect shot.

While having the right gear is essential for capturing stunning winter photographs, it’s also crucial to remember that creativity plays a big role too. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different angles, compositions, and settings.

Be sure to grab your free copy of our Photography Checklists by clicking the image below. You’ll get a packing list, settings list, and composition tips list that includes the top basic photography techniques to capture amazing photos!

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Where Should I Buy Camera Equipment?

We get all our Camera Equipment at B&H Photo! They are a reputable company that’s been in business for over 45 years. Their customer service and knowledge about photography equipment gives us peace of mind when spending money on higher ticket items like cameras, tripods and lenses.

We also use B&H Photo to buy our camera accessories like filters, memory cards, cleaning kits, portable hard drives, and more!

Winter photography
Winter photography at Yellowstone

Winter Photography Gear List

Here’s our list of the equipment we use and recommend for taking pictures in the winter, based on our experiences with a wide range of camera gear over the years.

Camera Gear for Travel Photography - Nikon D7200 camera

Cameras for Winter Photography

No matter what camera you have, inspect it before packing to make sure it’s functioning properly and has been cleaned.

Check to see the memory cards and a fully charged battery are inserted.

If you’re looking for a new camera, here’s a list of articles to help you as you research what’s best for you:

Lenses and Lens Warmer for Winter Photography

These are the lenses we use for winter photography:

lens warmer

We also use a lens warmer to protects the lens from freezing so the camera and lens function properly when it’s cold.

Camera gear for travel photography - MeFoto Globetrotter Tripod

Tripod for Winter Photography

A good sturdy tripod is worth the investment. You’ll need a tripod when capturing long exposure photos..

Our Benro Mefoto Carbon Fiber Globetrotter is the perfect beginner and budget friendly lightweight travel tripod.

We LOVE the carbon fiber Peak Design Travel Tripod because it’s so lightweight and compact for longer hikes!

There are many quality tripods of varying sizes and capacities. Evaluate your needs and spend the money to obtain a good quality tripod to meet those needs. It will definitely pay for itself in the quality of your images.

Do you research to find the best tripod for your needs and budget:

Camera gear for travel photography - Lowepro Pro Trekker 650 AW backpack

Camera Backpack for Winter Photography

A good camera bag or backpack is the foundation of any photographer’s kit. A well-designed pack that fits and carries well when hiking and is equipped with pockets and organizing sections is a must.

Waterproof and insulated camera bags are a must-have to protect your equipment from cold and damp!

We use the Lowepro 350 AW Backpack for smaller landscape excursions that will not require a lot of supplies or the use of large lenses.

The Lowepro Flipside 500 AW Backpack is good if you have larger 500-600mm lenses or multiple camera bodies and lenses to carry.

The Lowepro Pro Trekker 650 AW is a large capacity bag we use to transport our camera gear on the airplane or longer road trips that will require more lenses and supplies.

Finding the right camera bag or backpack will be a personal decision.

Camera gear for travel photography - camera cleaning kit

Camera Cleaning Kit for Winter Photography

A quick field cleaning is sometimes necessary to remove dust or water droplets on your lens. NOTE: this is not for cleaning the sensor. A good camera cleaning kit should include

  • lens pen
  • cleaning fluid in a spray bottle
  • air blower
  • microfiber cleaning cloths
  • soft brush
Camera Gear for Travel Photography - Lexmar memory card

Extra Batteries and Media Cards for Winter Photography

Purchase name brand memory cards. After all, you are trusting your images to the card! Lexar and Sandisk are the best.

You will use the card over and over, so spending a bit more to get a better product, in the long term, will not cost you much more.

CARRY EXTRAS: You don’t want to miss any photographic opportunities due to forgetting to load a memory card or battery in your camera; draining a battery or filling a memory card (or two).

WINTER CAMERA GEAR TIP: The chemical reactions inside the battery slow down in colder temperatures which is why they drain faster in winter. Carry one spare battery in a coat pocket. The closer to the body, the warmer it stays.

Kase Wolverine 82mm filters kit


Circular Polarizer and Neutral Density filters are nice pieces of equipment to have, but pay the price for a name brand. You don’t put cheap glass in front of your expensive lens.

In winter photography, using a filter can prove remarkably beneficial. Filters can help capture the winter landscape’s true essence, enhancing the image quality and bringing your vision to life.

Specifically, a polarizing filter is a winter photography game-changer. This filter reduces glare from the sun reflected off the snow, allowing for a crisper, more detailed image. It also helps in saturating colors, making the blue skies bluer and the white snow whiter, thereby enhancing the overall contrast and depth of the shot.

Remember, in the world of photography, the devil is in the details, and using the right filter for winter photography can make a world of difference in your final image.

We started out using Tiffen and Hoya filters, and had good success using them. BUT we became frustrated with the difficulty of using these filter systems and only got them out when we wanted long exposure shots.

Then we found the magnetic filter system by Kase, and my use of filters has been changed forever! 

Portable External Hard Drive

Create a photo back-up process that you do at the end of EVERY PHOTO SHOOT. You don’t want to lose photos left in the camera if something corrupts the memory card.

Our image back-up system:

  • IMMEDIATELY after a day of shooting, we download the photos to the main computer if home, or the laptop if we’re on the road. 
  • We also copy the photos to a portable external hard drive – we LOVE the Lacie because it’s so durable for travel! These are the back-up copies.
  • We then save the photos to my cloud storage.

When traveling keep your laptop and portable hard drive in two separate places – if your laptop is locked in the hotel safe while you are out exploring, be sure to carry the portable hard drive with you as they are small and lightweight.

Rain Sleeve

A rain sleeve, while seemingly a simple accessory, carries significant importance in winter photography. While its name may suggest use in rainy weather, its utility extends to snowy conditions as well.

It serves as a barrier against moisture, whether it’s from snowfall or condensation, preventing water from seeping into your camera and causing potential damage. It is especially crucial for those photographers who enjoy capturing snowfall in action as it allows you to continue shooting during snow showers without worrying about water-related harm to your equipment.

Thee sleeves are typically lightweight and compact, making them easy to carry around and quick to deploy when needed. They provide a means to protect your investment in expensive camera gear, ensuring functionality and longevity, even in the most challenging winter conditions.

Photographers in the winter
Winter gear for photography

Winter Clothing for Outdoor Photography

It’s important that you, the photographer, be warm, dry and comfortable so you’ll want to stay outside taking pictures no matter the weather or conditions.

Check out our winter clothing guide for outdoor photography. Wearing and packing layers is so important in the winter when it cold!

Here’s the list of all the “other” things we use and recommend:

winter hiking gear
winter photography gear

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