Take Stunning Photos at Arches & Canyonlands!

Capture amazing images without the stress

of figuring out where to find the best photo spots!

Grab our guide that tells you the absolute best photo locations for sunrise, sunset and night photography!

3 Day Itinerary for Arches & Canyonlands

You’ve booked your accommodations….

→ have your flight details in hand

→ have read every guidebook you can get your hands on

→ have packed up all your gear

→ and taken precious time off work to travel to two of the most stunning national parks in the United States.

Now you’re ready to transform all of that hard work and anticipation into the adventure of a lifetime!

An unforgettable, photographic journey during which you take exquisite photographs that you can later share with your friends and family.


Iconic Delicate Arch at Arches National Park.

Iconic Delicate Arch at Arches National Park.

As the excitement for your upcoming adventure begins to build…

You imagine quiet trailheads, leisurely drives through exquisite red rock cliffs, secluded hikes, and stunning photographs of the area’s many natural wonders, including Delicate Arch and Mesa Arch.

In your mind, you picture a quick drive through each park where you encounter hardly any traffic.

Finding a parking spot adjacent to the trailhead is easy and you are able to quietly meander through the dynamic landscape of Arches and Canyonlands national parks in relative solitude.


Sunrise photography at Mesa Arch in Canyonlands

Sunrise at Mesa Arch in Canyonlands.

Unfortunately, this fantasy is not the reality that most people encounter during their trip to Arches and Canyonlands. 


Instead, most visitors will be stuck in traffic, desperately waiting to get into the park.

And when they finally do get inside, they will lose precious time endlessly circling the parking lot, hoping that a highly coveted parking space near the trailhead will suddenly open up.  

However, once they finally do manage to park the car, they’ll find the area inundated with visitors which makes it impossible to get a photograph of the landscape without people in the image. 

The photos they take are not at all what they hoped for or imagined because they were taken at the wrong time of day, or there were always people in the shot!

Most visitors to the area just don’t know where to start. They get overwhelmed and overlook all the little details that are essential to planning a trip to photograph Arches and Canyonalnds.

Photographing Dead Horse Point in Utah

Photographing Dead Horse Point in Utah.

Which is why you need this 3 day Arches and Cayonlands guide!

Use this 24 page itinerary to help you capture photos to last a lifetime.

The guide has been created by local residents, Dave and Jamie, who visit Arches and Canyonlands multiple times throughout the year, and it contains a wealth of expert advice and insider information. 

With this awesome, easy to follow itinerary, you won’t have to:

• Sit in line waiting to enter the park missing the chance to get a spot at the popular photo spots.

• Waste your precious time circling around parking lots that are filled to maximum capacity instead of exploring the trails and taking pictures

• Take photos that fail to capture the awe inspiring beauty of this vibrant natural landscape because the light is bad and there are too many people in the shot!

Instead, you’ll be able to take the photos you imagine:

• Take exquisite photographs at the best locations, at the right time of day with the best light, and without other people constantly walking into your shots. 

• Return home feeling totally relaxed and rejuvenated since you weren’t preoccupied stressing about the itinerary details.

• Collect the best souvenir possible, a series of unforgettable memories and a camera full of stunning photographs that you can’t wait to share with everyone around you.

Arches Canyonlands Photography Itinerary

“The itinerary helped me greatly! I loved that you described all of the viewpoints AND how to access them. That allows for me to manage my time based on how long it might take at each place. The map of the viewpoints is also extremely helpful.

You guys are the best! I’m telling you I can’t stop daydreaming about going back to Arches!” –Tonya, AZ




Hi! We are Dave and Jamie from Photo Jeepers, and we want to help you take amazing photos of Arches and Canyonlands!

Dave and Jamie at Mesa Arch, Canyonlands

Dave and Jamie at Mesa Arch, Canyonlands

We live close to Arches and Canyonlands and travel there every chance we get, and consider ourselves local experts.

Many people miss out on capturing the stunning images they hope for when visiting these amazing parks. This won’t happen to you when you have us as your guide. 

Dave and Jamie at Arches National Park.

Dave and Jamie at Arches National Park in the winter.

We get emails from people asking all about photographing Arches. They want to know the best photo spots for sunrise, sunset and milky way photography.

In creating this photography itinerary, we want to take the stress out of trip planning so you can easily schedule into your day the photos you want to take and activities you want to enjoy.  


Dave photographing Dead Horse Point at sunset.

Dave photographing Dead Horse Point at sunset.


We feel bad when we see people share their photos of Arches and Canyonlands, and they are disappointed with the end result.

They don’t feel their photos compare to other images they see online from the same locations.

As local experts, we can guide you to the best photo spots at the best time of day when the light is just right to accentuate the red glow from the rock formation at these parks!

It’s like we’re there with you every step of your trip.

Stop wasting time doing endless amounts of internet research…

and start accessing our extensive, first hand knowledge of photographing Arches and Canyonlands national parks. 

 Because honestly, you just won’t find this type of in-depth, 

insider information anywhere else on the internet.

Trust us, we’ve looked, and it just doesn’t exist.

The Arches and Canyonlands 3 Day Photography Itinerary includes:


Arches and Canyonlands 3 day itinerary

→ A detailed list of the absolute best photo locations for sunrise, morning, afternoon, sunset and night photography…. so you capture the best images in the best light!

→ A step by step, 3 day photo itinerary that shows you exactly where to go and how to take amazing photos…. and you’ll get stunning images to remember your trip!

→ An exclusive list of the premiere photo spots in Arches and Canyonlands national parks…. so you don’t miss out on all the must-see places in the parks!

→ A list of all the essential camera gear that you’ll need to pack for your trip…. so you’re prepared with all the tools you need to capture amazing photos!

→ Expert tips on how to do night photography in the Moab area…. because location does matter when it comes to taking pictures of the milky way!

→ Our recommendations on where to stay in Moab and in the areas around Arches and Canyonlands national parks…. to make it easy for you to find the right hotel or vacation rental to meet your needs!  

→ A Travel photography resource list…. so you can brush up on all the key concepts of landscape photography!

→ Helpful links to any additional resources you might need in the Arches, Canynlands, and Dead Horse Point…. things to do in case you want to explore the parks beyond the 3 days we detail in the guide!

Get Your Arches and Canyonlands

3 Day Photography Itinerary Now!

3 Day Itinerary for Arches & Canyonlands

Now sure, you can do a 3 day photography tour that will cost thousands of dollars.

But if you want flexibility to visit and photograph the sites that are on YOUR bucket list…

then this photography itinerary is for you!

The in-depth itinerary for planning your trip as well as your photography locations each day costs just $14.99!

24 page itinerary that includes:

• Ideal Photo Locations By Time of Day

• Helpful Links to Additional Resources

• A list of Must See Attractions in Each Park

• Insider Tips on How to Take the Best Photos Possible

• A Photography Gear Packing List

• Tips on Where Stay in and Around Canyonlands and Arches National Parks

Sunrise photography at Canyonlands National Park, Utah.

Sunrise photography at Canyonlands National Park, Utah.

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Milky way at Mesa Arch, Canyonlands 

Balanced Rock at Arches National Park

Photographer at Grand View Point, Canyonlands

Turret Arch at sunrise viewed through the North Window at Arches National Park.

Green River Overlook at Canyonlands

Milky way over fins at Arches National Park

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