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Grab the guide that will tell you:

  • Best SUNRISE photo spots
  • Best SUNSET photo spots
  • Best NIGHT photo spots

It's the trip of a lifetime...

You have been planning your trip to Moab, requested the time off from work, and booked your accommodations.

You have your bags packed and ready to go, and a checklist of all the beautiful points of interest you want to visit and photograph.

You pull up to the park with all your gear, ready to jump out of the car and start taking amazing pictures right away.


There's a line to get in the park! Or worse, the park is closed!

You're circling the lots trying to find a parking spot!

You're overwhelmed by the enormous amount of people!

You manage to snap a few pictures, but they're nothing like the ones you dreamed of because the photos are full of bystanders and taken at the wrong time of day!

Everything you need to know

to take fantastic photos!

3 Day Itinerary to photograph Arches, Canyonlands AND Dead Horse Point!

Arches Canyonlands photo guide on a phone computer and tablet

Stop wasting time doing endless amounts of internet research... you won't find this type of in-depth information anywhere else!

Best Photo Spots

Detailed list of the ideal photo locations and best times of day for each spot so you can capture images in the most ideal light!

Avoid Lines & Crowds

3 day photo itinerary that shows you exactly where to go and when to photograph the must-see attractions in the parks.

Save Money

Save hundreds to thousands of dollars on expensive photography tours and explore the parks on your own to visit the locations on YOUR bucket list!

“The itinerary helped me greatly!”

"I loved that you described all the viewpoints AND how to access them. That allows for me to manage my time based on how long it might take at each place. The map of the viewpoints is also extremely helpful. You guys are the best! I'm telling you I can't stop daydreaming about going back to Arches!"

- Tonya

“The guide is super helpful!”

"The guide is very well structured and the pictures helped immensely as we were able to prioritize locations to make a stop. Most helpful was the suggested times of day for each element, as it’s normally difficult to determine what to do at sunrise vs sunset vs other times of the day. We are moderate hikers, so it was great to have information that helped us decide which hikes we were willing to take on. This guide hit all the requirements for us and was exactly what we were looking for."

- Scott

“Thank you for a great product”

"My friends and I went to Moab/Arches/Canyonlands for the first time. We used your 3-day guide and it was spot on! We saw everything we wanted to and loved the photography tips and tricks as to what we were looking at."

- Meredith

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Dave and Jamie at Mesa Arch

Meet Dave & Jamie


Hi! We are often asked "Where are the best photo spots at Arches and Canyonlands?" Luckily we live close and are frequent visitors with years of experience taking pictures at the parks. We created this guide to help you avoid the crowds, create your own itinerary of must-see locations and return home with a camera full of stunning photos to share!


Is this a physical product?

The guide is a digital download delivered right to your inbox! Access it at any time. Download and print at your convenience to use over and over!

What if I'm a beginning level photographer?

We've included photo tips and images for each location that are perfect for any level photographer, whether new or experienced!

What type of camera do I need?

There is no "best" camera you need to capture amazing photos. Jamie uses her Samsung Galaxy camera phone while Dave uses a Nikon DSLR camera. The tip is taking photos in the right light, and we'll show you exactly how to get that in this guide!

Can I use this if I'm only there for 1 day?

Yes! You can create your own itinerary based on your time and interests using the information in the guide!

Not for commercial use. Copyright © 2021 Dave and Jamie Joyner of Photo Jeepers. All rights reserved. Do not copy, share, sell, or duplicate in part or whole any portion of this guide without written consent. All photographs and written material are the property of Dave and Jamie Joyner. Privacy Policy.

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