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Itinerary and Photo Guide for Arches National Park



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  • Best time of year to visit, what to pack, and where to stay!

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1 2 3 day Arches NP Itinerary

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sunset at delicate arch Arches National Park
Balanced Rock at Arches National Park
Double Arch at Arches NP

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Best Photo Spots

Detailed list of the ideal photo locations and best times of day for each spot so you can capture images in the most ideal light!

Avoid Lines & Crowds

1, 2 and 3-day itineraries that detail exactly when to visit the must-see attractions in the park to avoid the crowds!

Save Money

Save hundreds to thousands of dollars on expensive guided tours and explore the parks on your own to visit the locations on YOUR bucket list!


Landscape Arch at Arches National Park
milky way over fins near Sand Dune Arch
Turret Arch through North Window at Arches National Park

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“The guides are very well structured and the pictures helped immensely as we were able to prioritize locations to make a stop. Most helpful was the suggested times of day for each element, as it’s normally difficult to determine what to do at sunrise vs sunset vs other times of the day. We are moderate hikers, so it was great to have information that helped us decide which hikes we were willing to take on. The guides hit all the requirements for us and was exactly what we were looking for.”


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The Organ at sunrise in Arches National Park
Windows area hiking trail at Arches
Skyline Arch
Dave and Jamie Photo Jeepers

Meet Dave & Jamie

Hi! We get many questions about visiting the National Parks in Utah. Luckily we live close and are frequent visitors with years of experience exploring and taking pictures at the parks. We created this guide to help you avoid the crowds, create your own itinerary of must-see locations and return home with a camera full of stunning photos to share!


The guides are a digital download delivered right to your inbox! Access it at any time. Download and print at your convenience to use over and over!

We’ve included photo tips and images for each location that are perfect for any level photographer, whether new or experienced!

There is no “best” camera you need to capture amazing photos. Jamie uses her Samsung Galaxy camera phone while Dave uses a Nikon DSLR camera. The tip is taking photos in the right light, and we’ll show you exactly how to get that in this guide!

Yes! You can create your own itinerary based on your time and interests using the information in the guide!


1 2 3 day Arches NP Itinerary

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