52 Week Photography Challenges

The best way to improve photography skills is to get out and do it!  Follow your passion and creativity, make a plan, and press the shutter!

Week 1: Horizon Line

Understanding horizon line in photography allows you as the photographer to use the horizon line to highlight certain aspects of an image, create impact, and compose a unique shot that is pleasing to the viewer.

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Week 4: Fill the Frame

One of the easiest ways to amp up the wow factor in your travel photos is to fill the frame with your main subject. Draw the viewer’s eye to the subject of your photo by getting closer or zooming in on the part that matters.

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Week 14: Framing

There are different types of framing in photography. The end goal is to use elements in a scene to highlight the subject by drawing the viewer’s eye into the frame.

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Week 49: Subject

The subject of an image is identified as the object or idea that the photograph is about.  It is the primary point of interest that draws a viewer’s eye to the image. Subject matter may be subjective or clearly objective.

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Photography should be fun! If you are creatively photographing things you love, it will be!

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